A question of mind

There are a couple of aspects of mind that bothered me for a while. First of all, I suspect that mind (or soul, or psyche) is matter-agnostic, i.e., its “state” does not depend on the actual particles comprising the brain, but rather the configuration of those particles. As a thought experiment, I was thinking about the following “inductive proof”: Suppose you can substitute an atom in a person’s brain with another atom of the same substance without disturbing all other atoms in the brain. Will mind get modified from its original course as a response to that atomic intervention? I suppose no, at least not in this idealized setting. Next, why not swap another atom, third, fourth, and so on? Eventually, we end up with the same psyche “running on another hardware.” If that would work, we might have concluded that, ultimately, psyche is just information. Next, can we “resurrect” a person by “recording” some of his memories while the person is alive, and after his physical death, bioprint a new corpus and “write” the memories back to the brain?


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